Warm Roof

A Warm roof is a type of roof construction which has an insulation layer above the rafters and immediately below its weatherproof membrane. A warm roof construction allows heat to be conserved within the property, saving on expensive heating bills.

Warm roofing is a popular roofing solution for most modern day construction methods by allowing the insulation layer to be directly below the weatherproofing membrane, no thermal bridging can be lost through the rafters. Britmet Lightweight Roofing selected to manufacture and supply the most advanced warm roof system on the market. The patented Tactray 90 system has been engineered to provide a solid warm roof solution and because it is designed from galvanised steel. It is light enough to be used in all solid warm roof designs.

The Tactray 90 is a roll formed into a Tray profile 500mm wide, with 90mm upstands, with a wooden plank finish to the underside for a decorative ceiling/wall finishes available in a galvanised finish, white polyester and on request can be power coated to suit any colours.

The Tactray 90 has great spanning capabilities and carry any roof and wall finishes, easy to install and gives great flexibility for the specifier allowing a range of u values from 0.18 – 0.1 u value or less.

Tactray 90 has been used on a huge array of building types due to its Design flexibility, ranging from 13,000m2 project for Northampton Hospital to a 15000m2 project for Bicester Village Retail Park and 20,000m2 project for Clarks Village Retail Park in Somerset to Education, Sports buildings, Office Blocks and Industrial buildings to name a few.

With the recent rise in conservatory warm roof conversions, Tactray 90 structural wall and roof support has been used to help support the new solid warm roofs with ease, spanning up to 4.8m between purlins and capable of supporting all roof finishes. It replaces Timber rafters can be installed from 2 to 90° roof pitches, ideal for low pitch lean to’s and solid warm roof conservatories. Click here for more information on our conservatory roof panels.

Britmet Lightweight Roofings warm roof online specification tool (Britspec) was developed to provide detailed drawings, thermal calculations, load tables and much more. Britspec is an easy to use specification tool, where you simply click on your roof finish, followed by your thermal value required, the span required and the span type, for example single/double/multi purlins spacing. Within these four easy clicks you will generate your Britspec Roof Specification providing you with technical drawings in CAD and PDF, your NBS spec, load and span tables to suit your construction requirements. Alongside this, is a multitude of technical information and case studies to suit your warm roof construction and because Tactray 90 is manufactured in Britain, quick / cost effective delivery times are available.


  • British Manufacture
  • Wide spanning capabilities up to 4.8m
  • Fast delivery times
  • Great flexibility in building design
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Available in a range of gauges to suit your spanning requirements
  • Any u-value can be achieved
  • Can use on all building types
  • Great ceiling and wall finishes
  • Fire rated
  • Easy to install
  • Replaces timber rafters
  • Expert technical advise
  • Online Britspec specification tool