Sustainability is the concept of making use of natural and renewable resources that people can rely on, despite high demand, in the long term. However, the modern use of the 'sustainability' term generally refers to a product or service being 'eco-friendly'. There are several ways that roofing products can be sustainable, however, Britmet proudly designs all products with the environment in mind.     
All Britmet tiles, from our anti-vandal Pantile 2000 to our synthetic slate tile Liteslate, dramatically cut the carbon footprint of any install project due to their lightweight capabilities. As more tiles can be loaded onto lorries, less fuel is used during transport. Furthermore, our tiles are installed tightly meaning they go above and beyond at keeping warm air inside your home, and cold air out.  Britmet's myriad of tile profiles are provided with a 40-year weather penetration guarantee* and an estimated lifecycle of 60 years, meaning you won't be in a hurry to replace them! However, if you are concerned for your next generation, our tiles are recyclable at their end-of-life cycle.      

In particular, the Liteslate is a true testament to the dedication Britmet has to sustainability. It is estimated that every year 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans, so we have designed a roofing tile to save the ocean. In 2021, Britmet will have recycled over 3 million kilos of plastic, including old crates and bins, during its manufacturing process!      

*Please note, our ecopan and ecopan plus profiles come with a different weather penetration guarantee.