Low Cost

Britmet's lightweight tile range is purposefully designed to meet the aesthetics of traditional concrete, clay and slate tiles while outperforming them in low-pitch capabilities, durability and cost. Our range of lightweight metal sheets replicates the cover width of 5 traditional tiles saving you money and time through speedy installation. Our products are designed with installers at all skill levels in mind so that anyone, from DIY enthusiasts to experienced, approved installers, can fix our tiles quickly and safely.   

In addition, Britmet tiles are maintenance-free for 40 years, saving you money on annual checks and repairs. Unlike traditional roofing materials, Britmet tiles will not break, chip, crack or delaminate, providing you with sound piece of mind and a low lifecycle cost.   

With their dynamic, lightweight design, Britmet tiles reduce cost in transport too as they weigh 1/7th the weight of traditional roofing materials. This means that more tiles can be loaded onto a lorry and delivered to your project, reducing costs and CO2 emissions.