Steel Frame

As the largest UK manufacturer of lightweight roofing materials, Britmet is the number one choice for lightweight, low-pitch roofing tiles. Our product range can be installed to pitches as low as 5° meaning we are frequently specified for flat-to-pitch roofing conversions. As well as lightweight roofing, we supply flat to pitch steel frames for specification projects, called Britframe. 

The Britframe system is a structural steel frame that converts flat roofs to pitched roofs. Our Britframe system has been specified on several fundamental projects including schools, MOD, social housing and many more. 

Originally developed in the 1980s, lightweight roof conversion systems have been installed on many public and private sector projects that provide an ideal permanent refurbishment solution for failed flat roofs. The use of a lightweight steel frame system coupled with a decorative and functional roof covering offers a building owner a trouble-free lifetime guarantee. It also offers the opportunity to significantly enhance the functionality, aesthetics and operational costs of the building. 

By providing a cost-effective, lightweight solution to create a pitched or curves roof option that not only enhances the overall aesthetic of a tired and troublesome flat roof but also provides a plethora of features and benefits.

Why Britmet is the best choice for Flat to Pitch projects:

  • Protection of the existing flat roof by complementing the Britframe solution with a durable and cost-effective new roof covering
  • Elimination of continual costs of repair and/or replacement of the existing flat roof as well as all of the associated disruption this can cause to occupants and building users/owners. 
  • Opportunity to greatly enhance the thermal performance of the existing building, reducing heating costs and saving energy. Roofs that were installed before 1990 usually have little to no effective insulation.
  • Minimum disruption to occupants and elimination of continued leaks associated with existing flat roofs.
  • Protects the existing flat roof with a durable, cost-effective roof covering.
  • Enhances the thermal performance of the existing building, reducing heating costs and saving energy. 

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