Offsite and Modular Buildings:

At Britmet, we love to highlight the importance of the lightweight roofing industry and our extensive range of roofing materials. Our unparalleled product range from lightweight tiles and slates to structural liner trays is ideal for offsite and modular construction as it places less strain on the building structure and lower weight during transport.

What is Offsite Construction?   

Offsite construction is an umbrella term for the design, planning, manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly of building materials in a location that’s not the final install location, supporting the rapid construction of a permanent structure.

What is Modular Building?   

Modular buildings are prefabricated off-site in repeated sections called ‘modules’. Modular construction requires building sections away from the construction site and delivering them to the intended site. Then all of the prefabricated modules are installed on site. 

Britmet is the proud roofing material supplier for many UK modular fabricators. This industry sector has been hailed as a potential to solve the affordable housing shortage. As modular homes are made offsite (usually in a factory), they take significantly less time to make when compared to other types of homes. Modular homes can be installed at a rapid rate of six per day, whereas one standard property takes 1-2 weeks or even longer if British weather conditions prevail. However, weather conditions will not impact modular construction, as the modules are prefabricated in factories. 

Britmet’s range of tile profiles will help to reduce the weight of the building during transportation. All of our products are manufactured in Tipton, West Midlands, automatically reducing CO2 emissions when compared with similar products imported from around the globe. When compared with other traditional materials, for every eight lorries needed to transport heavy traditional roofing materials, only one lorry is needed for Britmet Lightweight Roofing profiles, resulting in less CO2 emissions from reduced transport. 

Why Britmet is the best choice for retail and commercial building projects:

  • Britmet’s lightweight roofing tiles are the perfect product for modular factory projects.
  • Britmet has been specified for modular and offsite projects for decades. 
  • Britmet’s inherent lightweight capabilities accommodate easy transportation to the site as well as a reduced strain on the building structure.
  • Our lightweight tile range comes with a 40-year weather penetration guarantee. 
  • Britmet’s traditional British roof tile designs match other tiles in the vicinity.

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