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Does your roof need to be replaced?

Do you need a roof replacement? Would you know what to look for if you did? Most of the time the signs are pretty obvious but sometimes they can be hiding right under your nose…

Signs your roof needs to be replaced: quick and easy interior checks you can do

Britmet Lightweight Roofing was established in 1976 and have proudly outlived our tile warranty, however, the average traditional roof lasts up to an average of 30 years. If you have ever had pervious roof repairs over the top of your existing roof - a practice known as overlaying - it would be a good time to think about a roof replacement. Overlaying is a quick fix which can lead to much bigger issues beneath the surface – see more on our overlaying vs. roof replacement here.

Outside light coming in from your roof also means that cold air, rain and even snow can too! When checking for light coming through the roof, also check for any possible water stains. Keep actively checking these over several rainfalls to see if they change size or shape – this means you have an active leak.

Water damage from a roof leak normally appears with discoloured spots on your ceiling. If not taken care of quickly, a leaky roof can turn into a major problem resulting into a possible financial situation as watermarks can lead to damp patches, mould and mildew or even sagging or bowing of the roof - so if you spot it make sure to get it sorted quickly! Britmet Lightweight Roofing tiles have have a 40 year guarantee against weather penetration, so make sure to check out our product range

Mould and moss growth can result in tiles separating, allowing moisture and damp to get in. Taking into consideration the high volume of rain the average UK household has to deal with, it’s an unlucky postcode lottery of which homes will suffer from damp and mould problems on their interior walls. Bacteria and fungi often grow due to high humidity and moisture from existing internal water damage, such as leaky pipes. Exposure to mould can cause coughing/throat irritation to chronic health problems such as asthma if left for too long! Britmet's range of granulated roof tiles will never separate from mould or moss growth.

Signs your roof needs to be replaced: quick and easy exterior checks you can do

Missing roof tiles can be the start of serious problems as it leaves insulation and adhesive layers exposed, resulting in water, mould or pests getting in through the gaps. Over time, water from roof leaks can weaken your home's structural beams and/or the foundation – which can then lead to foundation cracking, roof caving and even wall breakage. Damaged / Cracked / Vandalised tiles are also a sign that your roof needs replacing. There are lots of options to mend and prevent this happening again. While matching the existing profile of your roof, Britmet Lightweight roofing tiles have the best protection against adverse weather conditions, tile damage and vandalism as Britmet roof tiles will never crack or break. Check out their anti-vandal properties here.

Granules in the gutter are usually nothing to worry about on a new roof as they can be loose or extra ones. However, if your roof has aged 10+ years, it can be a sign of a bigger problem as granules aid in keeping the sun off of the raw materials that the tiles are made from. Metal tiles, like the Britmet Shingle, are more durable as they have superior performance against bad weather or high winds.


Overall, we recommend regular checks to your roof, this includes sheds, conservatories, garages etc. Checking your roof should be done twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter as taking action quickly with prevent possible financial devastation or potential health problems.

If you have any concerns with your roof and believe it may need replacing, give our office a call on 01295 250998 or

Date Posted: 23rd January 2020

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