Are Your Roof Tiles Secure? - Britmet Lightweight Roofing

One of the most important functions of a roof is to provide security; from tough weather conditions to unwanted intruders.

When making a building safe, we always consider the obvious points of entry such as the doors and windows, but there are criminals out there who will do almost anything to enter a property and will know creative ways of doing so – such as breaking an entry through a roof.

Vandals and thieves will find weak points in a roof, usually through fragile and unstable roofing tiles which they will exploit and use to force an entry. This usually results in huge amounts of damage and repair costs, on top of the devastating losses incurred from any property stolen or broken.

To help prevent this, Britmet manufacture a system of interlocking tile panels and made-to-measure sheet systems from 0.9 gauge steel, which are installed using steel fixing screws through the interlocking profile. This resistant roof tile system is extremely durable and hard to damage meaning it is nearly impossible to infiltrate and has been used in a variety of HMP and MOD facilities.

Here at Britmet we are proud to hold the title of the only British manufacturer of these anti-vandal roofing systems; our lightweight steel sheets are certified by the British Board of Agreement and imitate the look of a traditional tile. We have a large selection of tile effect roofing in a variety of colours for you to choose from.

Finished with an extremely strong and durable granular and stone, our secure interlocking roofing systems not only protect against vandals but also tough weather; each roofing system is complete with a 40 year guarantee. We are so confident in the performance of our roof tiles that we will give you a full warranty against weather penetration for the first 40 years after installation and your roof will not incur any maintenance costs.

If you would like peace of mind to know that your property is safe, please contact Britmet today for more information on our secure, anti-vandal lightweight roof tiles.


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