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There are many different types of metals used in the roofing industry, including:

• Corrugated galvanized steel.

• Metal tile sheets

• Stainless steel

• Copper

• Aluminium

Metal Roof Tile advantages:

Taking Metal roof tiles as a great example of lightweight roofing, these have a long list of construction benefits including

• a proven expectation of performance, exceeding 50 years

• great choice - with a vast array of styles available, to match and blend with any neighbourhood or home

• maximum fire resistance

• excellent wind-proofing (and corresponding energy efficiency) because of their interlocking panels

• their low weight can help preserve the structural integrity and life of the building

Ecological benefits of metal lightweight roofing

Metal roofing is more environmentally friendly, as it:

• generally uses recycled, rather than virgin materials

• once it's life expectancy is reached, it is 100 percent reusable

Metal roof tiles can often be laid over the top of current roofing, reducing potential landfill

• the flexibility of metal roofing allows for transition to alternative power panels

• assists energy reduction

Consult the experts on metal roofing:

Contact Britmet now for further information and advice on today's metal roofing solutions.


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