30+ Years on and Still a Happy Britmet Customer - Britmet Lightweight Roofing

Over 30 years ago, Britmet supplied the Ministry of Defence with our ridge to eave Pantile 2000 system for their army training village in an undisclosed location. Soldiers in training have been attending boot camps here for decades to gain the knowledge required before being deployed overseas.

The training village contains various different buildings at different heights that required a stable roof to withstand continuous, heavy foot traffic and most importantly, gunfire.

The Britmet Pantile 2000 was a perfect solution. Manufactured in a 0.9mm steel base, despite being designed to give a traditional tile appearance, the anti-vandal properties that the tile offers are revolutionary. Furthermore, the Pantile 2000 has an extremely durable roof coating that is also noise resistant; with an additional bonus of an attractive finish, this meant it was ideal for the training camp.

Still living up to its renowned reputation, the Pantile 2000 is still there over 30 years on at the army camp providing a service for our military.

To find out more about our Pantile 2000 product please see our website here, email sales@britmet.co.uk or call us on 01295250998. 

Date Posted: 10th September 2020

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