Case Study: Britmet Profile 49 Saves Pavilion from Vandals

This South Wales Pavilion project was completed as part of a full building refurbishment, in December 2019. 

The Pavilion required refurbishment due to its position behind the Rugby pitch. The original roof covering suffered years of vandalism and rugby balls cracking the tiles. Delayed maintenance had led to internal damage though water ingress, with the roof timbers also bowing after struggling with the heavy weight of the original concrete tile.  

Due to the aesthetics of the roof and keeping ongoing maintenance costs low being of the utmost importance, the Britmet Profile 49 was specified in a 0.9mm gauge galvanised steel sheet. This meant that the roof could withstand the vandalism and accidents; therefore, extending the lifespan of the building. In a choice of six different colours, the tile is coated with a high-performance textured acrylic coating and can be installed 5 times faster than traditional roofing materials. 

The overall system is low maintenance, cost effective and guaranteed for 40 years with a lifespan of 60 years plus.  Installed to the manufacture’s specification, the Britmet system proved to be the ideal solution. A product that resolves the previous issues and maintains a tradition appearance of a standard UK profile tile.  

Date Posted: 11th August 2020

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