Celebrate Log Cabin Day with Us - Britmet Lightweight Roofing


Back in the ‘olden days’, people built homes out of logs that were carefully fixed together and sealed together with mud or clay. Log Cabins were sturdy and reliable; although it is noted that during these times, you’d have to replace the roof every so often. In particular, they were especially popular in the frontier days of the American migration west, as seven of the American Presidents were born in them! Log Cabin Day celebrates the history of the Log Cabin and their warm, inviting nature. 

Our customer, Timberspecs, specialise in all types of log mobile homes, log houses, chalets and more. Made from the slow growing pine from the Carpathian Mountains, Timberspecs give a predicted lifespan if 200 years if looked after correctly.  

Every one of their buildings are fully kitted out with: 

  • Double or triple glazed in high-quality timber frames 
  • Timber doors (French doors or glazed panels can also be supplied) 
  • Pine tongue and groove boarded flooring 
  • A choice of flat or vaulted ceilings to suit you 
  • A choice of covered veranda’s or decking 


Sales and marketing director, Chris Powell, said: “Timberspecs are a great company to work with, always going the extra mile to give their clients a bespoke service. By providing superior roof options like the Slate 2000 and the LiteSlate they have the peace of mind of a 40-year guarantee and a great looking roof for their new Log cabin. 

Date Posted: 28th June 2020

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