Why is Having a Quality Roof Good for the Environment - Britmet Lightweight Roofing

When it comes to looking at opportunities for home improvement that adds serious return on investment as well as making your home look better, having a quality lightweight roof installation is the solution. As well as bringing security and aesthetic charm to any home, upgrading to a lightweight roof will tick more environmental boxes than you would probably imagine. We’ll talk you through these right now and hopefully you will bear these in mind when you decide to swap your current roofing structure for a tried and tested upgrade.

Reduce those bills

If you take a look at your annual heating bill it will probably make for painful reading, especially if your roof has seen better days. Just think about all of the gaps and ineffective insulation that allows your precious warm air to escape; no wonder those birds are warming their feet at your expense when it gets chilly! By installing a good quality lightweight roof you will be waving goodbye to those bills and will even start reclaiming some of those hard earned pounds over the next 12 months. The birds can try out your neighbour’s roof instead and you may even have enough left over for a decent holiday next year!

Repairs and vandals

Modern roofs are usually less labour intensive to construct and install and this all adds up to less damage to our environment. Here at Britmet, we offer a 40 year so you can trust that your roof will protect your home for many years come. Roof repairs are never cheap and the nasty British weather can do its worse, if the snow, wind and rain manage to do some damage, your roof repairs will be covered by the guarantee. Also, a secure looking roof will deter vandal as these lightweight roofing systems are far tougher than their heavyweight predecessors. So you will be winning on al fronts, lower bills, cheaper installation and up to 4 decades of weatherproof guarantee all rolled into one excellent choice!

Need more reasons?

As we’ve already touched upon, vandals will have their work cut out for them with a typical 0.9 mm steel base as part and parcel of these systems and even the dry fixed installation is less damaging to the environment when compared to more traditional methods. With less greenhouse gases escaping your lovely home and those falling bills, can you afford not to make lightweight roofing your very next home improvement project of choice?  Get in touch with our team here today to find out more!


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