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Fans of the TV show cowboy builders will already have an idea of exactly why we need to be so very careful when it comes to choosing a team of professionals to carry out home improvements. It is a sad fact that the UK public have been duped so many times and it is showing no signs of going away in the future. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and you should never take any unnecessary risk as far as maintenance, repairs or replacement is concerned.  Here we discuss a very real case when an unfortunate couple were clearly taken advantage of and you will see exactly how bad this nightmare scenario can really be.

A True Story

A Buckinghamshire couple found out to their cost that you should always insist on recommended roofers whenever you need some work doing on your home. Unfortunately this couple were unaware that the seemingly friendly builder who knocked on their door that day was anything but. He pointed out that they had a loose tile on their roof and kindly offered to repair the issue for them. Eventually the small job led to a number of other repairs and eventually the couple faced a massive bill in the region of £80,000! Despite the fact that this poor couple were experiencing severe family issues and could be classed as being vulnerable, the rogue trader has zero sympathy and seemed hell bent on taking them to the cleaners.  Thankfully for them, Trading Standards are now involved and an investigation is now underway.

Don’t Let This Happen To You

Even if this unlucky couple manage to regain the money that they have lost, the stress brought into their lives by this vicious conman will never be erased. If you ever receive a knock on the door from an unexpected knight in shining armour, always ask them politely, but firmly, to please leave your property.  If you need some repairs or even a whole replacement for your roof, always use a recommended builder or roofing specialist and never use a doorstep trader.

Insist On The Best

If you decide to choose Britmet as your preferred roofing specialist, you will get the best of both worlds. A fantastic choice of quality roofing systems with the best roofing techniques available. Our excellent tiles will never let you down and the chances of a rogue trader being able to spot a dodgy or damaged tile will be blown away because our systems will always be there to protect your home and your family.


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