School Funding Issues and Roofing Solutions - Britmet Lightweight Roofing

UK schools are facing some serious development and building maintenance setbacks as a result of Local Government funding issues. With a massive £1 billion black hole where available spending should be, it is no surprise that many schools have taken matters into their own hands with regards to creating more space and subsequently increasing their capacity to take on more students. The last thing that the students need to deal with are overcrowded classrooms and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the councils.

Playgrounds on Roofs?

Gyms and play areas are considered to be key facilities in our schools and the fact is that many of these spaces have been temporarily replaced by classrooms. This is not a good sign because playtimes and lunch breaks as well as physical education lessons have been thrown into disarray as a result. One possible solution to this dilemma is to stagger the lesson so that the same space can be sued for both teaching and physical education, but a few more adventurous schools have decided to erect play areas on their roofs. Of course this may be seen as a less than ideal scenario, but needs must.

Flat Roof Solutions

As an established UK roofing specialist company, Britmet are no strangers to schools and have worked in conjunction with the education sector to introduce a safer, easier to maintain roofing solution for more than 30 years. One of the biggest expenses that our schools have to deal with when it comes to their building issues is the maintenance and replacement of poorly installed roofing systems. In fact, the damage that school roofs suffer from bad weather, vandals and overall wear and tear create a massive whole in the typical budget. Britmet have developed a variety of roofing mediums that pretty much do away with the need to spend much needed funds on their upkeep. A 40 year guarantee and anti-vandal values are just 2 of the reasons why this company are always top of the list when it comes to calling out a roofing specialist for our schools.

Case Study – Britmet School Project

A school in South Wales had a terrible problem with vandals, these inconsiderate individuals caused an average of £4563 per years’ worth of malicious damage to their roofing system. Because of the damaged structure, rain, sleet and even snow would force their way into the school’s interior causing havoc and discomfort for the unfortunate students and teachers. Thankfully, Britmet came to the rescue and installed a bespoke Britmet 0.9mm anti-vandal Slate 2000 roof. It has a 40 year BBA approval and the vandals have long since given up trying to damage this superior structure. The great news is that the £4563 can now be put to more proactive use and the  school is a far nicer place to be!


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