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Traditional roof tiles and slates have done the job admirably for many years, but these days roofing contractors are increasingly turning their attention to metal roof tiles and lightweight panel systems as an alternative roofing method which can create the same effect but with many advantages:  

Advantages of Lightweight panel systems 

There are multiple reasons for this, not least:

  • their durability
  • mould and fungus resistance
  • aesthetic appeal
  • and affordability

Quality assured metal roof tile systems

Many Lightweight panel systems have to be imported but there is one British manufacturer, Britmet Tileform Ltd and its structural support cassette is the only one that comes with BBA approval. 

Britmet also has the widest range of lightweight tile effect roofing systems in the market place, incorporating a large selection of profiles.  

Choice Britmet’s range comes in two thicknesses and a selection of colours to create the appearance of your choice: ·        

  • For a traditional slate effect

Despite looking like traditional slate, the Britmet’s Slate 2000 is substantially more lightweight and cost-effective. Comprising five slate repeats plus overlaps, these metal roof tiles are incredibly strong and durable.  

  • For a durable, low-cost plain tile effect

The Britmet Tileform Plaintile fits the bill because it is extremely rigid.  Comprising seven tile repeats plus overlaps, it is stronger yet easier to install than many other roofing materials and is practically maintenance-free.

  • For a concrete tile look 

The Profile 49 panel is just one-seventh of the average weight of its conventional counterpart. Combining Aluzinc and galvanised steel its granule coating offers real aesthetic appeal. One tile deep and eight wide, the Profile 49 panel is durable and quick to install.          

  • For an ultra-light option for easy installation over existing roofs

The Ultratile panel also uses Aluzinc and galvanised steel for excellent strength and durability. Weighing just seven kilos per square-metre, it is extremely lightweight and attractive to look at. Resembling classic concrete tiles, this [lightweight panel system] can be installed over an existing roof very efficiently.  

  • For a clay or concrete roof look

Offering the traditional appearance of a clay or concrete roof, the Villatile panel is available at a fraction of the price. This easy-to-install metal roof tile solution is far lighter and stronger than traditional alternatives. One tile deep and eight tiles wide, it also comprises profiled, granule-coated Aluzinc and galvanised steel.   

Available from Britmet, these metal roof tile lightweight panel systems are being widely installed across the UK as alternatives to traditional roof tiles. Each offers:          

  • Unbeatable vandal resistance
  • Very low maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • A 40-year weather penetration guarantee

A range of compatible accessories  If you are looking for an alternative to traditional roof tiles, contact Britmet today to discuss the best [metal roof tile] solution for your particular building style.

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