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What are the advantages of lightweight roofing?

The different Lightweight roofing materials:

Roofing products and panel systems are defined as lightweight or heavyweight depending upon their weight and classification. A lightweight material is one that weighs under 20Kg per square metre when fixed on the roof. Heavyweight materials would exceed this weight limit.

1) The first type of lightweight roofing is long run steel. This is made from steel coils, formed into a variety of long run profiles. They extend as one sheet with laps along edges and ridges. There are many more options for profiles than just standard corrugated iron.

2) The secondary type of lightweight roofing are metal tiles installed with a lightweight panel system

3) Other lightweight roofing materials include: bituminous shingles, fibre cement tiles, wooden shingles and some slate products.

Advantages of lightweight panel systems:

Using lightweight roofing tiles means the roof can be manufactured in a modular form using lightweight panel systems providing the following benefits:

• Cost savings in budget and materials, while not compromising on quality

• Savings on core foundation design

• The potential to adapt roofing without having to vacate the property

• Reduced installation times, with less potential disruption to property owners and neighbours

• Increased durability and extreme weather performance, compared to many of the heavy duty alternatives

• Allows intelligent use of more varied lightweight materials

• There are also environmental benefits too; which include the reduction in carbon emissions through massively more efficient transportation costs. In addition, the steel can be recycled time and time again.

Contact Britmet for expert lightweight roofing advice:

Britmet has the widest range of lightweight tile effect roofing systems in the market place. Incorporating a large selection of profiles and the only BBA supported structural support cassette available. All of our products are manufactured to meet the client's needs including two thicknesses and a selection of colours.

As the UK's only manufacturer Britmet prides itself on offering the total roofing solution including:

• structural trays

• flat to pitch over roof solutions

• roofing accessories

• rainwater and soffit and fascia goods

• weatherboards

• breathable membranes

Contact us now for advice on lightweight roofing solutions, further detailed product specifications and free quotations.

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