Tactray 90 Slate Project - Britmet lightweight Roofing

A building consultancy based in Newcastle were given the task to replace a 5500sqm school roof that had traditional tiles on where the structure was starting to fail.

To strip away the structure would have been too expensive and therefore the solution of using a Structural Support System that would be versatile for any external roofing material was needed. They decided on using a British manufactured Structural Support System that was able to span between the supports that were still structurally sound. The external roof material that was used was a British manufactured Lightweight Granulated tile-effect panel that imitated a slate provided by the same company that manufactured the structural support system. The system used provided the school with a structural deck that is guaranteed for 60 years and a roof finish that is guaranteed for 40 years and will be very low maintenance saving a fortune on repairs over the next 40 years.

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