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Britmet Lightweight Roofing, are the UK largest manufacturers of Lightweight Tile Effect Roofing, supplying materials to numerous clients for new build and refurbishment projects.

Offering the widest range of UK profiles Britmet are proud to say we can provide ‘The Total Roof Solution’. TacTray90 Structural tray, BritFrame Flat to pitch Conversion Frames, Rainwater Management and Solar PV. Tactray 90 is a structural support liner tray that can used alongside any roof covering allowing versatile designs whilst providing: ·        

  • A large range of U values for Thermal Performance now down to 0.1µ, ·        
  • Acoustic Performance including Sound Absorbency and Sound Separation ·        
  • Air Leakage Rates 60% better than current Building Regulations·        
  • Structural performance including large spans, Lateral restraint and diaphragm actions  ·        
  • Colour coated or plain galvanised internal soffit, Thin Cantilevers, Bespoke internal coverings to suit project requirements – i.e. Swimming Pools, car showrooms and school classrooms to name a few    
  • Environmental benefits including easy recyclability, BREEAM Excellence. 


Britmet have also developed a 30 second warm roof specification system utilizing Tactray 90, aptly named BritSpec; producing full specification, designs and associated documents.  

  • Technical Drawings in a PDF & Cad Format        
  • NBS Specifications·        
  • Thermal Calculations·        
  • SCI approved load span tables·        
  • Case Studies 


With modern construction methods, regulations and environmental considerations placing increasing pressure on all elements of the design and construction teams to produce highly efficient envelopes capable of producing ideal working, teaching or living spaces. Tactray 90 & BritSpec together is the solution the British construction sector requires with a fully supported a BBA guarantee of 60 years.

For more information Contact Britmet Tileform now.

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