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At Britmet Lightweight Roofing we are always approached with a number of different projects in various locations. We pride ourselves on being the largest UK manufacturer of lightweight roofing materials as we adapt as a business to cater for our clients.

A task of applying a new roof to a wooden prefab structure that was built in 1954 designed and manufactured in Canada but situated on the Isle of Lewis. One side of the roof was still covered with the original aluminium sheeting while the other side of the roof contained mixed profiles consisting of the original sheeting and box steel plastic-coated sheeting. This sheeting was extremely weak and when considering the age of the build and constant stress from the elements, the customer was concerned that it could not withstand another severe storm-driven winter.

After much deliberation, a decision was made to add another layer, as opposed to a strip and replace. Although the roof itself was in desperate need of renewal, it still remained 100% watertight as the aluminium – although weak – was very tolerant to the coastal atmospherics. The resources needed to remove the existing roof while keeping the building covered and protected from the elements would have been too much.

With years of experience under our belt we were happy to help and offer advice where needed for this DIY customer that had a restricted time window and a lack of experience in the roofing industry. Our advice was to install the Pantile 2000, an extremely DIY friendly product that can reduce the install time by half. As a custom-made product, we can manufacture the tile to suit the rafter length of the project anywhere from 1.53m to 8m. This was essential when considering the restricted time window that the customer had to complete the project.

The thermal membrane was placed between the old profile and the new Britmet Pantile 2000. For the barrier to work it would need space of at least 38mm. Rather than using ladders, a scaffold tower was used for extra safety.

Overall, aiding in the concept to completion of this challenging project was incredibly rewarding. The customer was over the moon with the end result and peace of mind with thanks to the 40 year weather penetration guarantee.

Date Posted: 22nd October 2020

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