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We offer a made to measure soffit fascia system, using galvanised steel in variable thickness to comply with anti-vandal and economical uses. All of our products are powder coated to suit our clients requirements, offering the specifier and the installer the highest standards of performance, visual appeal and long life.


Britmet Lightweight Roofing Ltd eaves line fascia and soffit fabricated from 0.7mm and 1.5mm galvanised steel, powder coated white with a minimum coating of 80 microns.

Supply & fix fascia and soffit 0.125mm x 2mm wall bracket to be fixed back to vertical brickwork at 600mm.
Supply & fix 0.7mm 300MM X 150MM (or to suit Roof Construction) white powder coated fascia soffit system elements to be fixed to fascia/soffit support steel frame of the flat to pitch system, which are positioned at a maximum of 1.2m centres.

Joints in length of fascia and soffit to be backed with internal butt straps manufactured and finished in same material and thickness. Joints to be sealed with two rows of low modulus silicone sealant steel frame support to be back packed out to obtain a squared eave line where necessary.

Accommodation of any construction tolerance to be at junction of soffit fascia and soffit fascia bracket elements.


Soffit Fascia