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Britmet Lightweight Roofing are proud to be the largest British Manufacturer of Lightweight Roofing lightweight metal roofing systems. As a company we feel it is vital to build the British economy, so not only do we manufacture our products in England, we also procure from fellow British companies. On top of that Britmet recycle their products as well as using re-cycled products that can be put back into our production line.

As the rules get stricter for Carbon Reduction, Britmet have a strict policy to make sure we procure sustainably as well as providing a service to the client that is sustainable. Our factory is based at the heart of the country in Birmingham, therefore we can provide cost effective delivery charges. By procuring from Britmet not only will you be building the British economy, you will also be meeting your local procurement targets and if need be Britmet will provide you with a life cycle analysis of how we manufacture and deliver our products. If you look through our website we manufacture the following products:

If you have any roofing project, Britmet will help – please contact 01295 250998 and we look forward to helping you.

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