Slate 2000 close up

Lightweight Panel Systems

Lightweight panel systems are becoming more popular as they are lightweight, antivadal, far more durable, have a traditional appearance and are maintenance free. Overall they are less labour intensive, quick to install and offers reduced structure.

Here is a brief look at the options available for those who prefer lightweight panel systems:

Slate 2000 - This easy to handle roof panel option offers a low pitch and quick install. Slate 2000 is a maintenance free roofing medium with a slate appearance. Extremely durable and strong, which ticks all of the boxes and is a firm favourite amongst UK homeowners. Discover more here >>

Plaintile - These lightweight roof panels offer a horizontal tile effect with added protection and low pitch. Additional rigidity and an unbeatable anti-vandal system have made Plaintile a desirable roofing medium today. Discover more here >>

Profile 49 -Our special granulatedcoating gives profile 49 the appearance of clay and concrete roof tiles but offers low maintenance, easy installation and unbeatable strength when compared to traditional tiles. Discover more here >>

Ultratile - A similar product to profile 49, Ultratile is even lighter and this makes it a wise choice for the more modern roofing designs with a traditional appearance and low pitch. Discover more here >>

Villatile - Using both Aluzinc and galvanised steel, Villatile is a very low maintenance option with the added bonus of being able to be installed over an existing roof reducing structural needs if so desired. Discover more here >>